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Announcement about new company name

NeoSpeech Inc., a Silicon Valley text-to-speech company owned by HOYA, will have a new name in the next 6-12 months.

With HOYA’s recent acquisition of ReadSpeaker, soon all text-to-speech companies owned by HOYA (NeoSpeech, Voiceware, and ReadSpeaker) will be renamed under one brand. The branding change will present each individual company as a single entity with the goal of bridging the gap between machine and human interaction through natural sounding text-to-speech solutions.

In the month’s leading up to this change, and after it has taken effect, NeoSpeech will continue to support its customers and operate without any interruptions or compromise for quality of service. Since 2002, NeoSpeech’s mission has been to provide the highest quality text-to-speech voices and the best support for its customers. We look forward to continuing this tradition of excellence under our new corporate identity.