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NeoSpeech Releases First Thai Text-to-Speech Voices

NeoSpeech Inc., a leading text-to-speech provider, has announced the release of its first Thai speaking text-to-speech voices. Coming just weeks after the release of its first Brazilian Portuguese voices, NeoSpeech is adding two Thai voices, a male and female option, to its extensive lineup that now features over 40 voices in 11 different languages.

Sarawut, the male Thai text-to-speech voice, speaks clearly and sounds incredibly realistic. Sarawut is able to convert any length of text into speech instantly. His smooth voice is perfect for professional applications such as call center solutions, announcement systems, and training courses. Listen to a sample of Sarawut’s natural sounding voice.

Somsi, the female Thai text-to-speech voice, has an astonishing humanlike tone to it. Like Sarawut, Somsi is also able to instantly convert any length of text into beautiful speech. Her pleasant voice would work very well in consumer applications such as intelligent virtual assistants, mobile apps, eLearning courses, and accessibility devices. Listen to a sample of Somsi’s voice.

NeoSpeech’s diverse package offerings will enable developers to painlessly integrate Sarawut and Somsi into any type of application. NeoSpeech optimizes its text-to-speech engines for desktop, server, and embedded-based solutions. Developers can also integrate NeoSpeech’s text-to-speech engines into their applications through NeoSpeech’s Cloud Service.

Like all NeoSpeech voices, Sarawut and Somsi were made using USS (Unit Selection Synthesis) technique which is widely known to produce the highest quality synthesized speech. This sets Sarawut and Somsi apart from competing text-to-speech voices that sound more robotic and less human.

Thai is one of the most commonly spoken Asian languages. It is estimated to be spoken by over 40 million people around the world. Thai is also mutually intelligible with Laotian, which is spoken by over 25 million people.

The Thai text-to-speech engines are available for Windows 32-bit platforms, and will be available for Windows 64-bit, Linux, iOS, Android, and other operating systems in the coming weeks.

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