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Silent Installation for Windows Text-to-Speech Product

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Silent Installation

 (1) Before you install silently, you need to create a response file (.iss format).

 (* .iss stands for InstallShieldSilent)

 -Locate the setup.exe in the package and type the following command:

setup /r [/f1"(path)(filename).iss"]

 ** -r indicates recording of response file.

**  path indicates path you wish to save your .iss file and filename can be called by any names.


For instance,

 setup /r /f1"C:\Users\NeoSpeech\Desktop\Ashley\responsefile.iss"

 will save the .iss file in the Ashley package folder on Desktop.


(2) After recording the myresponsefile.iss, call back a response file to install it silently.

setup.exe /s [/f1"(path)(filename).iss"]


For example,

 setup.exe /s /f1"C:\Users\Dennis Jung\Desktop\Ashley\responsefile.iss"