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How do I modify pronunciation of a word for VoiceText text-to-speech server running on Linux?

Tag VoiceText™ Server

In order to modify pronunciation of a specific word, you can use the userdict_{LANGUAGE}.csv file. Below is an example after adding "ensuite" to be pronounced as "on sweet". VoiceText service must be restarted to apply the changes.

[root@rhel5 dict]# pwd
[root@rhel5 dict]# ls
userdict_chi.csv userdict_eng.csv userdict_jpn.csv userdict_kor.csv
[root@rhel5 dict]# vi userdict_eng.csv
"voicetext","voice text","a"
"voicedictionary","voice dictionary","a"
"neospeech","neo speech","a"
"voiceware","V OY1 S W EH2 R ","p","v3iswVr"
"ABSlider","<AB> Slider","a"
"JCPenney","JC Penney","a"
"JPMorgan","JP Morgan","a"
"voiceez","voice <EZ>","a"
"voicecop","voice cop","a"
"ensuite","on sweet","a" //add this line and save the file [root@rhel5 dict]#